There is an exact energetic frequency for your $ 100K month with only four clients and no it is not about how you feel and how high you vibe or how much you are in your relaxed feminine energy whilst having the masculine structures like funnels etc. in place that do the work for you.

You can cry all day long whilst experiencing the most devastating things in life and still make $ 100K a month with only four clients. Why? Because you are a supreme being having a human experience and that human experience is meant to be lived, felt and expressed and if that means that you are having a deeply transformational experience where some parts of your life break away and some people leave than you get to feel and live through that experience to the fullest without having to worry or think about what is going to happen with your business and whether or not 6-figures of cash every month is coming in. And no, as mentioned above you don’t need any external structures in place either for that to happen and for your business to be run by your supreme being.

What you do need is the deep connection with your supreme being and the deep understanding how it generates energy and works through all of your bodies which can only be accomplished once you do the work for yourself first. That kind of work requires of you to deeply transform how you think, market, live, respond and run your business so that you understand that your business is you breathing and living spirit through every molecule on a cellular level – nothing is and ever will be separated.

The standard, integrity and truth your supreme being demands is beyond your wildest imagination. And it is not something that can be found or created for it already exists. So if you are still trying to...

Reach your next income level

Create more success

Get more clients

Bring all of who you are together and into your business

Apply the law of attraction to manifest what you want

Be as high vibe as possible for the higher your frequency the easier you make money

Have all your shit together

Run your business instead of being deeply connected to YOU and let your supreme being take over

Get your business to the next level by implementing some teachings and applying what you see the person doing what you want to accomplish

... then you have not died and being reborn completely and your generating energy from the old grid of the consciousness that says that there is any condition attached before you can be who you are, or that you have to be healed, enlightened and fully awake before what you choose can show up in your life.

Your true genius that generates $ 100K a month with only four clients, no salesfunnels, email sequences, nice photoshoots and the perfect branding resides on the edge of your human experience that is carried and breathed by your supreme being.

With love and deep respect, 


PS: If you know this is you and you would like to apply to work with me to unleash the Visionary Leader that is within you than I am very much looking forward to having a real and honest chat with you. Head on over here and let's talk :)


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