How to access the frequency of the ideas flowing instantaneously for selling your $ 50K or $ 100K offer right NOW.

I used to think about the big numbers as... if I am making 5-figure months I am set. When I hit the 5-figure month nothing major in my emotions actually changed. So I shot higher and planned my multi 5-figure months. When I hit it it was the same thing again. So well I went for the 6-figure month and guess what. Same thing again... nothing changed in my emotions.

And maybe you find yourself in a similar position and you think about those numbers and wanting to make 6-figure months and offer multi 5-figure packages and work with only two to four clients very intimately to make this happen. Well here is what I can tell you from my own experience and what I laid out above...

You don’t need to change your relationship with money because the only relationship you really have is the one with yourself and all the other relationships are a reflection of the one with yourself.

You don’t need to be in a high-vibe state to make 6-figures a month. What you do need is the deep connection and trust in your superconscious being whilst being a human in a physical body at the same time and realizing it’s not you (the human being) that needs to control and manage your business. It always has and always will be your superconscious/multidimensional/eternal being. So you can cry, enjoy, have fun, go through deep emotional human experiences and live them to the fullest and still make 6-figure months.

You don’t need to work on your money-mindset either and chant, repeat affirmations or journal endless hours about stories you want to see happening in your life. What you do need to shift are the emotions around money and the amount you want to be generating each month.

You also don't need to set up a perfect funnel and have high-converting FB-ads in place to make 6-figures every month although those things are great but they don't determine your success. What determines your success is your energetic state and therefor the ultimate connection you have with your true genius that knows how to cause quantum shifts in people's consciousness by them just reading your stuff or watching your videos.

You also don't need to be online all the time to be visible and give lots of value because the value you actually deliver does not equal the time you spend with your community but what you are actually saying and speaking up about that has never be seen and heard before. And to have access to that state of consciousness it is required that you are offline and living on the creative edge much more than you are online.

The clients who pay multiple 5-figures on the spot and appear out of nowhere don't buy your brand-story and the perfect written sales page. What they truly buy is your energy and the words it carries that are unspoken and the ones that are spoken that cause those quantum shifts so that the perception about the very topic/problem they are having is changed in an instant and they can never go back and think in the old pattern of the paradigm they've just leaped out whilst hearing your words.

And last but not least it all comes down to self-mastery which ultimately means that you become a master of your own perception and that you learn to understand and integrate consciously your soul's evolution in this physical body so that no level, no body and no sense is left untouched and outside the door.

With love and deep respect, 


At the age of 18 when everyone around me prepared to do a Bachelor or Master’s degree I realized that my soul called me to choose a different path. Even though I was accepted into one of the best education systems to get my degree as well I was not able to follow through and attend. I’ve already had several clients and working with them and transforming lives fulfilled me more than chasing after a paper that would not have proven anything about who I was and what I came here to do.

I decided to build my legacy instead of further trying to fit into a system that was not made for me and had no space for an artist and freedom seeker like me. My dreams and my heart were simply too big for it. So I created my own way of living and doing business. One that is completely aligned with who I am, my intuitive gifts, my human skills and my years of self-mastery.

I see what your legacy is that is already within you and how it is meant to specifically be brought into this world. I also use universal principles of EVERYTHING THERE IS and incorporate them into the physical world in a way that is understandable, actionable and emotionally stable so that your entire being, lifestyle and your soul are aligned with it and you are able to logically and energetically make the quantum leaps financially, energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally to change from the inside out. I not only tell you the truth from a soul’s perspective and what is uniquely true for you as a human being in this lifetime but also from the perspective of EVERYTHING THERE IS so that you are able to bring the Visionary Leader that is already within you physically into this world.

Here at the Visionary Leader Movement ™ we are doing business and life differently! This is the space for you if you are…

- Looking for a space that deeply loves and respects you for who you are and doesn’t try to fit you in a box strategically, business-wise nor personally.
- Building a legacy that is supposed to exist when you’ve passed away and is here to inspire everyone that you meet along the way.
- Wanting to merge your human skills, intuitive gifts and self-mastery to do quantum leaps and 10X or more your monthly income and delivering the results your clients want and beyond.
- A person that wants to contribute with that cash to make a bigger impact in the world by investing and inventing in innovative ideas that leave this world better than you’ve met it whilst living the most fulfilled and fun life you want.
- A born Visionary Leader who is ready to step into the world empowered, authentically and completely free to be WHO YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN and be of service for the highest good of everyone.

Welcome Visionary Leader! I am very much looking forward to getting to know you personally and connecting with you in my free group. Open your heart and embody your soul and let everything that is inside of you out. Show us who you are. I am here to help and inspire you along the way and bring the Visionary Leader that is already within you out and physically into the world so you can leave your legacy.

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