There is an exact energetic frequency for your $ 100K month with only four clients and no it is not about how you feel and how high you vibe or how much you are in your relaxed feminine energy whilst having the masculine structures like funnels etc. in place that do the work for you.

You can cry all day long whilst experiencing the most devastating things in life and still make $ 100K a month with only four clients. Why?

As if you need any reason at all for why you do what you do. I stopped justifying and explaining my decisions a long time ago. Because whatever I decide I just decide and there is no explanation needed.

Easier money is not getting rid of your problems but it is seeing the value of who you are right now.

Thursday, 21 June 2018 22:42

Your $40K month is already here

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Your bestselling book is already here. 

Your $40K month is already here. 

Your legacy is already here. 

Why your low end $97.- entry funnel offer to sell the $10K offer at the end of it actually repells the $10K soulmate clients who are ready to pay your $10K fee NOW

Why living in a real prison for over two years has never affected my soul, my energy and my space in any way and least of all my freedom and what I have learnt about true freedom during those two years locked up far away from anyone I knew. 

Why all the healing and mindset techniques you’ve learnt so far haven’t done anything for your credibility as an expert (in fact doing the opposite) and have pushed you further away from yourself and therefore your soul (so that you don’t know where up and down is anymore and neither how to get your clients the GUARANTEED results) 

That’s how my most brilliant gift kept me in toxic relationships and how I use it today to give my clients the exact results I told them they would get that transforms each and every area of their life at the same time. 

What happens when you create a business from your past traumas and how to heal your core wound and fix not only your business but heal every area of your life at the same time and position yourself as the go to person for your work because it changes everything you do with clients.

This not only saved my life and my sanity it has also built my business out of nothing at the age of 18 and is the most important thing I would tell anyone asking for the most important advice ever. 

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